The all in one slipstream filter, magnetic filter, air separator and shot feeder. Reduce energy costs in heating and cooling systems with improved water quality!

X-Pot Compact®
The Skidmore® X-POT Compact® was specifically designed for smaller commercial heating and cooling water installations up to 9,130 Gal and 150PSI working pressure. The compact size and versatility of this X-POT® lends itself to great space savings in small plant rooms and great value engineering solutions.

X-Pot 6®
The Skidmore® X-POT6® contains 6 rare earth magnets encased within a stainless steel magnet grate for easy removal and cleaning. Along with the magnets, the cartridge filter offers superior cleaning and exceptional retention of system debris. The X-POT6® also includes excellent air and micro bubble removal via the on-board AAV, making it advantageous for all systems.

The Skidmore® X-POT XP® is the new industry benchmark for slipstream Filtration. Designed for the large commercial heating and cooling water installations up to 79,886 gal in volume. The X-POT XP® not only has great pulling power with its 13 rare earth magnets, but also contains a large capacity bag filter which captures non-magnetic material and filters down to 1.0µ. Virtually nothing escapes the XP.

X-POT Features

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Elimination of system micro-bubbles
  • Filtration down to 0.5 micron
  • Simple and very effective
  • Low pressure drop


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