Protector Series Condensate Return

Easy to use and maintain, the Protector is known as our most reliable in-stock unit. Available in simplex or duplex units, as well as condensate return or boiler feed units, all Protector series units are capable of handling hot or cold water. Many units have low profiles for low-headroom applications. Protector Condensate Return units are designed to collect and quickly return condensate to the boiler feed unit in low-pressure steam heat systems. Pumping action is controlled by the water level inside the receiver and a float device is used to turn the pump(s) on and off. Protector Condensate Return receivers are available in cast iron or carbon steel. Please note that steel receivers come in a broad range of size options, making them perfect for space-saving configurations.


  • Cast iron and steel receivers
  • Capacities from 8,000 to 12,000 sq. ft. EDR
  • Standard receiver capacities from 6 to 110 gallons



Protector Series OM 2017


  • Industry leader in prompt delivery
  • Competitively priced and manufactured in the U.S. by a team of professional craftsmen
  • Large selection of multiple profiles available for specific applications, each expertly designed for maneuverability
  • Simple in-field hookup
  • Universal-type 4-bolt square flange mounting allows the Protector to fit major competitors’ models when using the available adapter
  • Low Net Positive Suction Head Requirements (NPSHR), capable of handling temperatures up to 210°F
  • NORYL™ impeller designed to ensure smooth and efficient water passage, along with a mechanical seal capable of handling temperatures up to 250ºF
  • Simplex units equipped for future second pump (except PC-6N and PS-10N)