PRVC Series Vacuum Condensate

All PRV Series units utilize positive-displacement bronze-fitted, close-coupled pump assemblies. PRVC Series Vacuum/Condensate units are used in positive-displacement vacuum condensate return applications. These large-air-capacity vacuum heating pumps provide quick and positive removal of air and condensate from all distant areas, ensuring quicker warm-up, better heat, and lower fuel costs.


  • Cast iron and steel receivers
  • Capacities from 2,500 to 150,000 sq. ft. EDR
  • Air capacities from 1 to 150 CFM
  • Standard receiver capacities from 29 to 1,000 gallons



PRVC and PRVBF Series Brochure 2019
JV and PD Vacuum Series Brochure 2006
JV and PD Vacuum Series OM 2000


  • Motor horsepower ranges are: 2-3 hp/3,450 rpm, 5–10 hp/1,750 rpm*
  • TEFC vacuum motor air capacities are consistent from 5.5″-20″ hg and range from 23 CFM to 150 CFM at 190°F
  • Fast removal of air ensures rapid and thorough distribution of steam during the “on” cycles and counteracts induced vacuum setup during the “off” cycles
  • System continuously drains to eliminate spotty heating and water hammer
  • Large-air-capacity vacuum heating pump air capacities average about 1 CFM per 1,000 sq. ft. EDR
    • Ratio increased if needed

*Horsepower used on the vacuum pumps follows the speed restrictions noted. Speeds/rpms on the condensate pumps are not limited in the same fashion.