Stainless Steel Top-Mount Condensate Return

Easy to use and maintain, Skidmore Stainless Steel Top-Mount Series Condensate Return units come in three standard sizes, are corrosion-resistant, and are available in simplex or duplex configurations. Our Stainless Steel Top-Mount Series units are designed to collect and quickly return condensate to the boiler feed unit using various pressures and flows. Pumping action is controlled by the water level inside the receiver, and an integral float device is used to turn the pump(s) on and off.


  • Flows to 90 gpm
  • Pressures to 85 psi
  • Simplex and duplex configurations available
  • Stainless steel pumps and receivers



Stainless Steel Top-Mount Series Brochure 2019


  • Available in simplex and duplex models
  • Standard mechanical float switch
  • Simple control panels that can be tank-mounted or wall-mounted; include integral breakers and motor starters
  • Front-mounted sight glass
  • Dial thermometer
  • Stainless steel pump discharge heads
  • Both single-phase and three-phase motor options are available
  • Top-mounted pumps for ease of maintenance