UV Series Boiler Feed

UV Series units are uniquely designed for below-grade applications. Each pump consists of a vertical pump and motor unit and has either a flange-type float switch mechanism to control pumping from the water level in the receiver or a flange-type float-operated makeup valve to control pumping from the water level in the boiler. UV Series Boiler Feed units collect condensate below floor level and then pump condensate and makeup water directly into the boiler(s) using various pressures and flows. Pumping action is determined by a boiler-mounted level controller that senses boiler water level requirements. Skidmore offers standard float-operated makeup valves or special electric solenoid valves on receivers designed to replenish water inside the boiler feed unit when water levels get too low.


  • Capacities from 2,000 to 100,000 sq. ft. EDR
  • Discharge pressure up to 75 lbs.



UV Series Brochure 2019
UV Series Brochure 2008
UV Series OM 1991


  • Centrifugal enclosed bronze impeller designed for handling hot water and is keyed and locked on a stainless steel pump shaft
  • Simplex and duplex units available in a wide range of capacities and discharge pressures, up to 75 lbs.
  • Customizable control panels with multi-function capability and Building Management System integrations
  • Bronze and split packing gland for accessibility when repacking the stuffing box
  • A broad range of receiver size options—increased sump-depth capabilities available in increments of 6″—maximum allowable depth is 72″
    • Deeper than standard receivers furnished with intermediate bronze bearings to support and align the pump shaft
    • Lubrication line(s) ensure sufficient recirculation water for lubricating intermediate bearing(s)
  • Single float switch on simplex units
  • Mechanical alternator assembly on duplex units
  • Standard #304 stainless steel receiver with inlet opening
  • Optional #316 stainless steel basin
  • Optional welded carbon steel receiver
  • 1.5 to 150 gpm
  • 10 to 30 psi (1,750 rpm only)
  • 15 to 75 psi (3,500 rpm only)
  • 115/230 volt single-phase and 208-230/460 volt three-phase