SCR-Series Condensate Return

The Skidmore SCR-Series products are specifically designed for high pressure applications!

SCR-Series Condensate Return

Used for high pressure applications, the Skidmore SCR-Series Condensate Return collects and quickly returns condensate to the boiler feed unit using various designed pressures and flows. The SCR-Series Condensate Returns come standard with a Carbon Steel receiver, along with a carbon steel base. Steel offers a broad range of receiver size options making it perfect for space-saving configurations. Pumping action is controlled by the water level inside the receiver and uses an integral float device to turn the pump(s) on and off. The SCR-Series comes standard with a heavy duty #304 Stainless-steel pump, designed with durable multi-stage impellers for smooth and efficient water passage, and a standard mechanical seal capable of handling temperatures up to 250 degrees F.

SCR-Series Performance

  • 1.5 GPM to 200 GPM
  • 25 PSI to 250 PSI (3500 RPM only)
  • 115/230V 1 phase and 208-230/460V 3 phase

SCR-Series Optional Features

  • #316 Stainless pumps available
  • #304, #316 Stainless receivers available
  • Bypass orifices for continuous feed boilers
  • Low NPSHR pumps designed for high temperature applications
  • Customizable control panels with multi-function capability and Building Management System integrations
  • Special Viton seals available for 300-degree F applications