Protector Series Boiler Feed

Save money and time with Skidmore’s most reliable in-stock pump. Easy to use and maintain, designed to protect your steam system and your wallet!

Protector Boiler Feed

The Skidmore Protector Boiler Feed is used to pump condensate and makeup water directly into the boiler(s). The Protector Boiler Feed receivers are available with durable Cast Iron, or Carbon Steel. Steel offers a broad range of receiver size options making it perfect for space-saving configurations. Each Skidmore Protector is equipped with a heavy duty and easily removable float operated makeup valve. Pumping action is determined by a boiler mounted level controller which senses boiler water level requirements. Each pump meets the 2’ NPSHR requirements capable of handling temperatures up to 210 degrees F, and comes with a Noryl impeller designed to assure smooth and efficient water passage, along with a mechanical seal capable of handling temperatures up to 250 degrees F. Our universal type 4-bolt flange mounting makes it capable of fitting major competitors’ models.

Protector-Series Performance

  • 22.5 GPM
  • 20 PSI (3500 RPM only)
  • 2′ NPSHR
  • 115/230V 1 phase only

Protector Optional Features

  • 1pc volute with integral butterfly isolation valve
  • Bronze impeller in lieu of Noryl
  • Electric solenoid, reverse acting float switch, or air gap available instead of makeup valve