Treating your heating and cooling needs, the Skidmore Glycol brings water-glycol mix to your closed loop system!


The Skidmore Glycol feeder is designed to bring an automatic supply of water-glycol mix to a heating or cooling closed loop system. These are factory engineered, assembled and thoroughly tested for optimal performance. Reap the benefits as these are compact and self-contained with small footprint making for an easy install and no-hassle operation. Easy plug ‘n play run capability allows for immediate usage.


  • 2 GPM @ 100 PSIG
  • Cut-in 10-45 PSI with a 10-30 PSI differential
  • 1/3 HP – 110/1/60 motor
  • Duplex and Simplex configuration

Model Sizes:

  • 55 Gallon Simplex & Duplex
  • 100 Gallon Simplex & Duplex
  • 16 Gallon Simplex
  • 6 Gallon Simplex

Standard Features (for 55 & 100 gallon only):

    • NEMA 4X Control Panel with High Water Alarm and BMS Capability
    • Low Water Cutoff Switch
    • High Pressure Relief Valve
    • Pressure Switch
    • Check Valve
    • Pressure Gauge
    • Suction Isolation Valve

Uses for Glycol Feeders:

        • Closed-Loop heating
        • Chilled Water
        • Snowmelt
        • Radiant Heat