Condensate Neutralizers

Easy to install and to service, the Skidmore Condensate Neutralizer is designed to completely neutralize your condensate before the acidic substance can cause serious damage to drainage piping and fittings. The media—found inside a clear tube—is made of a clean screened calcite and magnesium oxide that raise the pH levels  and help change the acidic solution into water, CO2, and various salts.


  • Capacity: 25-, 50-, and 100-gallon
  • Discharge pressures: flows to 90 gpm and pressures to 85 psi



Commercial Condensate Neutralizer Brochure
Condensate IOM
Condensate Neutralizers Brochure
Vertical Condensate IOM


  • All tube models include 2+ replacement O-rings for quick and easy recharging
  • New combination of media materials allows for superior performance
  • Offering 6 models each, in different sizes
  • Different tank sizes also offered