700-Series Control Panel

Skidmore’s Control Panel Series provide optional control panels tailored to your specific application requirements!

700-Series Control Panel

The Skidmore 700-Series Control Panel is intended for indoor use as well as outdoor use, designed to prevent accidental contact of personnel with the enclosed equipment. These Panels are nonventilated, and available in Type 1, 2, 3, 4X, and 12, NEMA enclosures, depending on what type of enclosure best suits the environment. Every control panel comes standard with 1 starter complete with overload protection per pump, along with a numbered terminal strip, and ground lug.

700-Series Optional Features

  • NEMA Type 7 or 9, Consult Factory
  • Selector switches on cover; 1 per starter
    • Labeled — Hand-Off-Auto
      • Lead-Off-Lag
      • Boiler #1-Off-Boiler #2
      • Pump #1-Off-Pump #2
      • Test-Off-Auto (spring loaded to off)
  • Pilot lights on cover-1 per starter
  • Fused or non-fused disconnect(s) with interlock with provisions for padlock
  • 1 fuse block per starter or –
  • 1 circuit breaker with overload per starter
  • Fused control circuit transformer 110 volt secondary
  • 1 electric alternator per panel (duplex models only)
  • Relays-number as required
  • Alarm bell with silencing switch-1 per panel
  • External reset buttons for starters
  • Elapsed run hour meters-1 per starter
  • UL label & inspection