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Whether you have a question or need assistance specifying a system, we’d love to hear from you. Your local Skidmore representatives are well trained to help you in the design, installation and service of your heating system. They have the expertise to assist you in selecting the pumping system most suitable for your application.


State Sales Rep Phone State Coverage Area
Alabama Hydro Technologies 251-478-1104 Southern
Alabama Jamco 205-833-3390 Northern
Alaska Proctor Sales 907-562-2608 All
Arizona Mechanical Room 602-956-1942 All
Arkansas Neal & Associates 214-340-1464 All
California Heat Transfer Equipment 800-543-1122 Northern
California DMG HVAC 562-692-1277 Southern
California California Boiler 714-891-0701 Southern
Colorado IDC Associates 303-232-2664 All
Connecticut Emerson Swan 800-300-4920 All
Delaware B.J. Terroni 215-639-3600 Northern
Delaware NH Yates 800-878-8181 Southern
Florida Diversified Fluid Controls 954-492-1166 All
Georgia Pumps & Specialties Inc 770-292-9140 All
Hawaii Skidmore Pump 269-925-8812 All
Idaho Proctor Sales 907-562-2608 Northern
Idaho Midgley Huber 801-972-5011 Southern
Illinois AES Equipment 314-652-2562 Southern
Illinois Affiliated Steam 708-371-0600 Northern
Indiana Affiliated Steam 708-371-0600 Northwestern
Indiana Bluegrass Hydronics 502-451-6100 Southwestern
Indiana Hill Co Inc. 317-856-5266 Northeastern, Central, Southwestern
Iowa Hydronic Energy 515-276-4935 All
Kansas JM O’Connor, Inc. 316-267-2246 All
Kentucky Hill Co Inc. 317-856-5266 Western
Kentucky Bluegrass Hydronics 502-451-6100 Middle
Kentucky Emerson Swan 800-346-9215 Northeastern
Louisiana A Waldrep Company 281-449-4366 All
Maine Emerson Swan 800-300-4920 All
Maryland NH Yates 800-878-8181 All
Massachusetts Emerson Swan 800-346-9215 All
Michigan Emerson Swan 734-346-7926 All
Minnesota Ryan Company, Inc 800-966-9058 All
Mississippi Jamco 269-925-8812 All
Missouri AES Equipment 913-894-4455 Eastern
Missouri JM O’Conner, Inc. 913-438-7867 Western
Montana Vemco Inc. 406-248-8373 All
Nebraska Hydronic Energy 515-276-4935 All
Nevada Heat Transfer Equipment Co. 801-972-5011 Western
Nevada Midgley Huber 801-972-5011 Eastern
New Hampshire Emerson Swan 800-346-9215 All
New Jersey B.J. Terroni 215-639-3600 Southern
New Jersey GDT Associates 973-772-9308 Northern
New Mexico Massey Johnson & Associates 505-888-7585 All
New York Emerson Swan 800-810-7926 All
New York GDT Associates 212-466-3126 NYC, Long Island
North Carolina Pace-Adams 800-849-5260 All
North Dakota Ryan Company, Inc 800-966-9058 ALL
Ohio Emerson Swan 734-346-7926 Northern
Ohio Allied Equipment Company 330-686-1622 Northeastern
Ohio Emerson Swan 614-907-7422 Southern, Central
Oklahoma Federal Corporation 800-289-3331 All
Oregon Proctor Sales 907-562-2608 All
Pennsylvania B.J. Terroni 215-639-3600 Eastern
Pennsylvania Emerson Swan 412-922-2630 Western
Rhode Island Emerson Swan 800-346-9215 All
South Carolina Pace-Adams 704-597-8990 All
South Dakota Ryan Company, Inc 800-966-9058 Eastern
South Dakota Vemco Inc. 605-394-5790 Western
Tennessee Mechanical Resource Group 615-248-3787 All
Texas Waldrep A Company 281-449-4366 Houston
Texas Neal & Associates 214-340-1464 Dallas
Texas Larry Wunsch and Associates 210-349-5244 South,Southwestern
Utah Midgley-Huber, Inc. 801-972-5011 All
Vermont Emerson Swan 800-346-9215 All
Virginia NH Yates 800-878-8181 All
Washington Proctor Sales 907-562-2608 All
West Virginia Emerson Swan 412-922-2630 All
Wisconsin PBBS Equipment Company 262-252-7575 Eastern
Wyoming IDC Associates 303-232-2664 Southeastern
Wyoming Vemco 410-667-3600 Northwest, Northeast, Middle, Southwest